ARYO NAZARADEH, Born with a gift
“I was very impressed with Aryo’s playing…he is a great talent.” –Conductor Margitta Crebs, Vancouver Youth Symphony

Aryo Nazaradeh was born to the sound of music in 1996 in beautiful North Vancouver, Canada.

The first inkling that Aryo’s parents had that their son might be destined for a life in music occurred when Aryo was only two.  After watching the famed violinist Bijan Mortzavi on television at home, his parents discovered young Aryo mimicking the playing motions of his musical idol--with a toothbrush!

His parents then sought a music teacher who would work with such a young talent and Aryo was on his way.
All of this occurred when Aryo was at such a tender
age that you could say he really has no memory
ofhis life without music.

Even his parents could not have predicted that by
the age of three Aryo would be performing in public
with Bijan Mortzavi in front of 3,000 people at
Vancouver’s historic Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Aryo maintains a working relationship with Mortazavi, who is
one of Iran’s most respected composers and violinists.